Amaplug – Amazon WordPress Plugin [Update: 04.12.2015]

Update: 04.12.2015 – First version is running
After some sleepless nights the first version of „Amaplug“ is running. I know that there are some small problems but this will be fixed soon. Some features are still included:

  • Clean administration realized with Redux (
    • Setup Amazon settings (with validation)
    • Setup caching durations and mutch more …
  • Using the Amazon ECS PHP Library Version 1.3 (
  • First Shortcodes included:
    • Show „Top Sellers“ with searching a browsenode (max 10 products)
    • Show „Top Sellers“ with searching a category (search index) (max 100 products)
    • Show products from all categorys with specific keyword (max 50 products)
    • Show single (1) product – search with ASIN, EAN, ISBN etc.
Amaplug Amazon Settings

One first screen of administration btw. configuration.

If you’re interested to get access to this plugin, before it will be released, let me know it :)

Start: 20.11.2015
The first ideas for my new plugin named Amaplug.

In the sidebar, or even here at the end you’ll find a link or button on which you make a donation via PayPal send me into.

Feature Small description
Price Variations Sale price, Offer price, Regular price
Products Stats Check conversions
On site Cart Optional direct checkout
Amazon Reviews Display reviews on each product
90 Days Cookie Earn money …
1 Second Import Import one product in 1 second
Blacklists Skip products from imports
Advanced Search And Bulk Import products

1.     ISBN, EAN, UPC und ASIN

Product Variations Multiple colors and sizes
Product Shortcodes Insert products into any post

1.     Text link

2.     Text link with custom title

3.     Single (or multiple) product boxes

4.     Bestseller lists

Synchronization Keep prices, descriptions and reviews up-to-date
GEO Targeting Multiple Affiliate ID’s
Deals / Coupons Get deals and offers
Crosseling Related products and suggestions
Shipping Availability Display if the product ist available
Caching Reduce the page loading
Custom text Get custom text’s from 3’rd-party sellers

1.     1,3 cent per word

2.     Select quality Level’s (1-4)

Price history Keep an eye on development


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